About Us

Globe Recycling are specialists in waste tyre collections and removals for the purpose of recycling according to new government guidelines

Story About Us!

More than 100,000 used tyres are removed from UK vehicles daily and the EU Landfill Directive introduced a ban on whole tyres being landfilled in July 2003 and a ban on shredded tyres to landfill came into force in 2006. Illegal tyre dumping and stockpiling is also a significant environmental threat.

"By 2016, we calculate that compliance with the quality protocol for TDRM could save businesses over £934,000 in waste management charges and stimulate recycle markets worth over £15.4 million. Compliance with the waste protocol for TDRM could save over 166,000 tonnes of raw material in the ten years from 2008." Environment Agency

Company Profile

Globe Recycling was established with the objective of providing an efficient waste Tyre Management and Recycling service due to the growing problem of waste tyres being illegally dumped and occupying space that could be used more effectively.  We work in coordination with the government and local councils to tackle the issue of waste tyres and are fully registered with the Environment Agency.


Our History

We began operation in August 2009 when new legislation was introduced by the government regarding the management of waste tyres. Since then our operations have grown exponentially throughout Greater Manchester and Lancashire.


Vision and Mission

Building a reputation for providing the most reliable and trustworthy waste tyre collection and recycling service in the UK.

Our Team

Our organisation consists of several teams that work collectively at the main head office. The organisations consists of the Company Directors, the Tyre Baling Department, Tyre Grading Department and the Tyre Collection Department.