Globe Recycling Specialise in providing Waste Tyre Collection and Recycling Services according to government guidlines

What We Do?

Globe Recycling offers a flexible collection service to meet the needs of our clients.  We operate in Greater Manchester and Lancashire area. We have a Central Tyre Recycling centre where we process the waste tyres for baling so that they can be recycled. The Recycled Tyres are used for construction or as fuel. We have a Large fleet of Trucks and vehicles for the transportation of waste tyres and qualified staff to ensure environment and health & safety laws and protocols are competently adhered to. Full documentation is supplied for any consignment that we collect from your site. We have a diverse range of customers including Local Councils, Tyre garages, MIT centres, Haulage Company's, Plant Hire and Scrap Yards.


Tyre Collection


We will manage the collection of your waste tyres which involves out fully uniformed staff and collection vehicles

Recycling Services


Our Tyre Recycling service involves baling and shredding the tyres to be processed further into recyclable materials which will be used by industries.

Commercial Tyre


We specialise and dealing with companies that have a high volume of waste tyres such as garages and the motor industry


Tyre Baling Solutions


We specialise in baling your waste tryes in order for the rubber to be able to recycled


Car, Truck & Plant Tyre Recycling

We can arrange the removal of Truck, Tractor and Plant Vehicle Tyres as well as regular car tyres


Waste Management

All Waste Tyre consignments are fully documented and processed according to new government regulations