• Collection

    we specialise in collecting and moving your tyres quickly, Why not use our Collection Service.

  • Recycling

    We bale and shred the tyres to be processed into various grades of rubber to be used again.

  • Competative

    We have some of the most competitive recycling and collection fees in the north west.

  • Fully Licensed

    Our process and premises are authorised by the Environment Agency with a current Waste Management License. All operations comply with duty of care procedures.

Welcome to Globe Recycling Services

Globe Recycling Services are the UK’s foremost tyre waste collections and recycling specialists operating in Greater Manchester and Lancashire. We collect and recycle all forms of post consumer waste tyres nationally and can promise an efficient, reliable and fully complient solution for your tyre recycling requirements. At Globe Recycling Services, we can help you meet the demands of your business adhering to complex environment legislation. We will provide you with a tailor-made, reliable and complient solution for your waste managment needs.

About Us

Globe Recycling offers a flexible collection service to meet the needs of our clients. Full documentation is supplied for any consignment that we collect from your site. We have a diverse range of customers including Local Councils, Tyre garages, MIT centres, Haulage Companys, Plant Hire and Scrap Yards.

Our Services

Fully qualified and professional Service and Efficient waste disposal of tyres at an economic cost. Responsible, efficient and economic waste tyre management, Environmentally responsible disposal routes for old, worn and scrap tyres. Wide experience dealing with national networks and Flexible collection service to meet the needs of the customer

Our Work

Once we collect the scrap tyres from our clients we handle them in accordance with environmental regulations. Tyres suitable for recycling are processed at our facilities. The result is quality rubber powders used for a variety of purposes from manufacturing, road repair and construction to playgrounds, new tyres, brake pads and sporting surfaces.


Dedicated fleet of 7.5 tonne Trucks and 3.5 tonne Luton Vans used for the collection and transportation of tyres.

Uniformed and fully trained profesional staff for tyre removals and collections.

Tyre baling Machinery for the shredding of tyres to be used to make rubber compounds.